What's Needed

At Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers we pride ourselves in telling our members that whatever they knit or stitch we will find a good home for it.

However, at certain times charities will ask us for specific items and listed below are items which are currently being requested:

St Martins MahOOsive Woollen House -St Martins, a homelessness charity based in Norwich want to mark World Homelessness Day on October 10th with a special installation. They are building a house. A house made of wool. That’s where you come in.

Each ‘brick’ that builds this house will be a length of woollen scarf measuring 15cm x 100cm. The house will be made of 4,700 of these scarves, each one representing a person who sleeps rough every night in this country. The scarves can be any colour or pattern, and made with any size needles, as long as they measure 15x100cm, because they want each brick of the wool house to be as unique as each person on our streets is. However, 1 in 8 of these lengths will be black, to represent the 600 people who died on our streets last year. When stitched together they will be wrapped round a frame to make a giant house that will be installed in the North Precept of Norwich Cathedral. 'Bricks' are needed by the middle of September but can be left at your local Resource Centre at any time before that date. Norwich will co-ordinate the collection and delivery to St Martins Housing Charity. You can of course take your 'bricks' direct to the charity if you wish.

Large Blankets - for various homeless charities

Cuff Shawls for Hartismere House Care Home in Eye - also needed for Grand Exhibiton stqall (mark for the attention of Heather)

Bedsocks for Hartismere House (mark for the attention of Heather)

Fidget Blankets/Story Sacks with topics i.e Seasons or stories (Chapel Green School Old Buckenham - mark for the attention of Heather)

Knee blankets - these are for activity packs for all inpatient units & wards (Norfolk Community Hospital, Bowthorpe - mark for the attention of Heather)

Tortoises, Hedgehogs and other knitted animals

Snuggle triangles, baby blankets and incubator blankets - for the NNUH baby unit (mark for the attention of Avril)

Finger Puppets - required for various charities and craft stalls (mark for the attention of Elly)

Twiddlemuffs - required by various charities. All shapes and sizes. Addenbrookes would like twiddlemuffs, and muffs without the twiddles in all sizes, including children’s sizes. The muffs without twiddles will be used to keep warm patients hands/arms where IV’s are in situ (mark these smaller muffs for the attention of Melanie)

Snuggle triangles, baby blankets and incubator blankets (24" x 24") - for the NNUH baby unit (mark for the attention of Avril)

Dog coats and Dog Blankets - for various charities (mark for the attention of Kate)

Angels - for EACH Hospice The Treehouse Ipswich - patterns will be available from your local resource centres (mark for the attention of Tina)

Trauma Teds (all sizes) and Policemen- required for various charities (mark for the attention of Elly)

Stitched Children's Clothing - patterns for dresses, skirts and shorts are available at Regional Wool Lofts.

Morsbags - always needed for Food banks and charity shops. These are placed on counters in the Big C for a donation and are helping to raise money as well as doing away with plastic. Take some to your local charity shop or give to friends but do let us know how many you make. Patterns available on the Morsbags website.

NB: don't forgot that not all items have to be knitted. They can be crocheted or stitched.